What is CritHub?

CritHub is a portfolio preparation service for visual art students. Make your art stand out by working one-on-one with a trained artist mentor. Elevate your artistic practice with personalized feedback and insights about your technique and concept. Learn to talk about your work while we help you write a cohesive artist statement. Start to think like a professional, not just a student.

Is art your career choice, or just a hobby? Are you prepared to get real about being an artist? Any art degree is far less important than a strong portfolio. Our mentors intimately get to know your work and guide you to build the strongest portfolio possible. Focus on the big picture — a career in art — not just some test or admissions.

What makes a great portfolio?

Your Artwork

  • Technical skill
  • Compelling concept
  • Clear documentation

Your Writing

  • Work statement
  • Artist statement
  • Curriculum Vitae

What can we prepare you for?

Admission to a BFA / MFA program:

  • Work documentation / presentation
  • Artist statement / personal essay
  • Interview preparation

How Does it Work? [text]

We've set up a custom Google Form to make it easy to submit your artwork and information. A critic will write an analysis of your work based on your requests. You will receive a completed critique via Google Drive within 2 business days of your submission.

How Do I Submit my Art?

We use Google Forms to make it easy to submit your artwork. Just fill in the information about your work, add your images, and request your desired feedback! We'll arrange a critique in the format of your choice within two business days.

We critique:

  • Works-in-Progress
  • Finished Works
  • Artist Portfolios
How Do You Critique My Art?

We prepare for your critique by:

  • Studying your submission materials.
  • Outlining notes based on your requested feedback.
  • Sending you a Google Drive folder with our notes.
  • Encouraging you to prepare questions!

After preparations, we arrange a real-time interaction with you to discuss your submission, one-on-one.

How Does a One-on-One Critique Work?

You pick the time and format, and we'll talk to you about your work! A discussion format allows you to spontaneously ask questions, follow along with our notes, clarify your own thoughts, and get the detailed feedback that you deserve.

Text Critiques
Audio Critiques
    • Talk to us over Skype, Instagram, or Facebook.
    • Experience direct and immediate feedback.
    • Your critique is just a phone call away!
How Does a Delayed Critique Work?

For Delayed Critiques, we present our full critique to you in one uninterrupted document or recording. You can review our notes and feedback at your own pace, and prepare questions to ask at a later time.

Text Critiques
    • We write a detailed review of your work and send you the document.
Audio Critiques
    • We record a verbal review of your work and send you the audio file.
What Artwork is Accepted?

If you can send it as text, an image, or video, it should be fine! We broadly categorize artwork submissions into 5 categories:

Digital 2D - Digital photography, graphic design, digital drawing, digital painting, digital collage, digital image manipulation, web page design, etc.

Digital 3D - 3D graphics, 3D models, digital sculpture, and more.

2D - Film photography, drawing, painting, traditional illustration, collage, prints, etc.

3D - Sculptures, metalwork, ceramics, wood furniture, assemblages, installation art, etc.

Other - Anything that doesn't seem to fit into the previous categories. Animation, film, multimedia, interdisciplinary work, writing, music, performances, etc.

What Can CritHub Offer Me?

We are trained artists with a passion for critical discussion about art. We understand what it's like to be critiqued, and we know how to make a critique useful to you.

You don't just get feedback from us, you get an intimate interaction with your work. We consider every aspect of your work, and share those insights with you, personally.

What Do You Guarantee?

We guarantee providing you with direct feedback, suggestions, and ideas that will help you progress as an artist.

If you truly can't find value in our critiques, we will refund your purchase.

Please visit our Services page to see what to expect. We are transparent about our process and follow a rubric so as to keep costs low and efficiency high. You can also contact us at any time if you have any questions.

What Payments Do You Accept?

We accept payments via PayPal (Visa / MasterCard accepted) or cryptocurrency.

We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, or Dogecoin.

Who are your Critics?
Chris Schneider, BFA in Sculpture

Chris is the founder of CritHub. His multidisciplinary work examines the separation of public and private spaces through contrasting themes of infrastructure and domesticity.

Ashley Laufer, BFA in Drawing

Ashley is a PNW-based illustrator and designer who's work portrays elements of sexuality and the occult. She typically works with 2D and digital mediums.

How Did CritHub Start?

CritHub was founded by Chris Schneider, who thinks it's weird to type in third person. I got my BFA in Sculpture and a BS in Psychology, focusing on creativity research. Back in school, I wasn't satisfied with the half-hearted critiques we had in studio classes, so I started a student club to do our own critiques: Crit Club. You can see where this is going...

I had the idea for CritHub in 2016, made this website in 2017, and decided to make the service real in October 2019. What changed? I spent some time teaching English, travelling the world, and thinking about what I really wanted to do with my time. Every idea kept leading me back and forth between art and education.

I decided to combine the two and focus on providing critique services for students and developing artists. I'd noticed a few communities and people providing basic critiques online, but never a premium service that gave artists a detailed analysis of their work. That's where CritHub comes in, and that's what makes us different. We provide one-on-one time with trained artists who can use their skills and knowledge to help you improve your work.